Gender Equity Studies

Caretaker Info:
Lucy Drotning, Columbia University
(212) 854-3036

The list of studies in the attached Excel file includes the Institution name, the link, a brief description of the website, some date information, and effort to categorize it as a One-Time Report, Data and Reports, Diversity Office, Resources, News/Mag Publication.

This document provides the information in an Excel file. The links are currently sorted alphabetically by institution. Last updated 5/31/2011.


Very Brief Description Date, if applicable Category Link
AAUW sponsored report on women and minority hiring and salaries in the Ivy League 2005 One-Time Report
Office of Women in Higher Education- initiatives, mission, resources   Resources
Describes goals and activities of Office Of Faculty Diversity   Diversity Office
Reports, climate surveys, and initiatives for women participation 2007 Data and Reports
Senate Commission on the Status of Women page with links to reports 2004 Data and Reports
Office of Diversity Initiatives   Diversity Office
Provost reports to faculty Senate on positive equity study results  2001 News/Mag Pub
Report on gender equity issue by women's initiative committee 2003 One-Time Report
Summary by IR of President's Commission on gender equity study 2003 News/Mag Pub
Commission's homepage with links to equity issues and full reports 2004 Data and Reports
News release of findings on issues with link to committee's report 2005 One-Time Report
Report from Harvard   Resources
Links to gender equity study by college and school 2002 One-Time Report
News release on 2002 study of salary equity with link to study 2000 News/Mag Pub
Report on race & diversity of faculty 2010 One-Time Report
Office of Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives.   Diversity Office
Information on prior NYU equity studies   Data and Reports
Most recent NYU gender and race/ethnicity equity study 2010 One-Time Report
Analysis of progress in achieving faculty diversity 2000-2006 2006 Data and Reports
Webpage describing women's center with resource links   Resources
Provides baseline data on women faculty, students and staff as foundation for recommending changes. 2008 One-Time Report
News release on policy to ensure salary equity for women in eng. 2001 News/Mag Pub
Report on status of women faculty in sciences and engineering 2003 One-Time Report
News item on recommendations on equity at Law School forum 2000 News/Mag Pub
News announcing faculty women's forum with list of forthcoming studies 2004 News/Mag Pub
News item referring to 2004 report  2004 News/Mag Pub
Report by Provost on status of women faculty 2004 One-Time Report
Appendices to Provost report on status of women 2004 One-Time Report
Listing of resources, task forces, policies on gender equity   Resources
Report on spouses working together at Stanford or at separate inst. 2008 One-Time Report 
Link to Office of Diversity & Affirmative Action   Diversity Office
Demographic trends over ten years for faculty and students 2008 Data and Reports
Reports on campus climate for women faculty and staff 2000 One-Time Report
Annual data reports on equity progress 1997-2008 Data and Reports
Office for Faculty Diversity and Development   Diversity Office 
Faculty Senate Process to study a woman's rank for inequities 2003 Policy
Additional materials on faculty diversity on all campuses 2008 Policy
News sheet finding greater effort needed in gender equity at UC  2001 News/Mag Pub
Fact sheet showing gains in hiring and promotion of women 2003 News/Mag Pub
Report from UC President's Summit on women's equity  2002 One-Time Report
Diversity reports on faculty from 2007 and 2008 2008 Data and Reports
Title IX Advisor report: Efforts to reduce sexual harassment/assault 2009 One-Time Report
Link of Office of Diversity   Diversity Office
Gender equity study - need to hire more women discussed 2006 One-Time Report
Link to Office of Diversity & Equity   Diversity Office
Listing of links to reports on importance of diversity on campus   Resources
Provost homepage with links to gender equity salary studies 2007 One-Time Report
Link to Office of Equity, Access and Diversity Programs   Diversity Office
Progress report on women and minority faculty issues 2008 Data and Reports
Annual report of gender equity advisory committee 2007 Data and Reports
Plan to increase diversity 1998 Policy
Copy of full gender equity report in campus almanac  2001 One-Time Report
Summary of in-depth interviews with 11 faculty on gender issues 2001 One-Time Report
Factbook with links to gender equity and minority equity reports 2007 Data and Reports
States goals for women participation in science and engineering   Resources
Link to Office of Diversity & Community Engagement   Diversity Office
Task Force Report recommends creation of plan to eliminate faculty gender inequity 2008 News/Mag Pub
Direct link to final gender equity report 2008 One-Time Report
Status of Women office with links to annual reports on gender equity   Diversity Office
Report from Task force on women's equity 1999 One-Time Report
Vice President and Chief Officer for Diversity and Equity   Diversity Office
Links to various data and studies, including women's salaries and diversity 2008 Data and Reports
Women's forum report on trends in status-detailed graphs and tables 2002 One-Time Report
Women's Faculty Forum website   Resources