Things to Do in Boulder

Boulder is brimming with things to do and sights to see. Come a day early or stay a day late and experience what Boulder has to offer!

The historic Pearl Street and Pearl Street Mall in Downtown Boulder are just a short walk from our hotel, St. Julien (which itself is considered a must-see place while in Boulder). 

Boulder is situated in a place of great natural beauty, surrounded by national parks like the Rocky Mountain National Park and impressive views all around, providing access to day hikes and tours, whether by foot or by bike tour. You can also ski or snowboard at Elodora Mountain Ski Resort.

The Boulder Creek Path is located near the St Julien hotel, as well

In addition, Boulder is famous for its craft beer. Gather some colleagues and sign up for one of the local brewery tours! Celestial Seasonings, the well-known tea company, is based in Boulder, and occassionally offers tours of their facility, although it is currently closed for tours.

Boulder is home to a number of museums, as well as concert and theater venues. Visit the awe-inspiring Red Rocks Ampitheater at sunset, and you won't be disappointed.

Dushanbe Tea House, a local landmark, will host our Sunday night dinner. 


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